Weekly Friday's Fun Gadgets by Gadgetz1

Weekly Friday's Fun Gadgets by Gadgetz1

We bring you Fun Gadgets on Fridays!!

We've compiled a list of the top three things that will make your day and holiday unforgettable. So stay tuned for more details. If you want to lift your spirits this weekend, go online shopping.

Universal 360° Adjustable Car Mount for Cell

The universal fitment accommodates devices up to 3.66 inches wide.

Increase your road safety by keeping your eyes on the road.

With a one-button quick release function, you can easily secure your phone.

Cushioned side arms shield your mobile devices from harm.

360° rotation adjustability for quick horizontal and vertical changes.

The flexible supporting arm allows you to operate and access your phone with maximum flexibility.

Lock knob and quick-release adjustable base (6.5cm-8.5cm) for universal fitment on all vehicles.

Remote Control Gyro Helicopter

The propeller is designed with aerodynamic principles to provide strong power and body self-stability in a flybarless design. Simple four-channel design, ultra-stable flight with a six-axis gyroscope

The altitude is determined by the barometer, which ensures a stable flight.

The modularized battery is simple and quick to install, and the outer shell effectively protects the battery, resulting in longer service life.

Ascents, descents, forward, backward, fly on the left, fly on the right, rotate left, rotate right, flight route, brush pot, and other stunts are all possible.

6G mode, using a 6-axis gyroscope, provides stable flight, making it ideal for beginners.

4-channel remote control, low-voltage alarm, stall protection, out-of-control protection, conversion of large and small rudder quantities, one-key take-off, one-key landing, and other functions; With a dedicated USB charger, charging is quick and stable.

Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller

Safe, humane, and efficient

Emits a piercing ultrasonic tone that dogs despise. Works with the majority of dogs. It is also suitable for dog training.

Stop the dog from approaching you before it bites you.

Keep unwelcome dogs at bay.

While walking, jogging, or bicycling, keep an eye out for dangerous dogs.

PERFECT FOR: Joggers, Walkers, Delivery People, Mailman, Meter Readers, Sales People, Bicyclists, Police, and Inspectors

A torch can also be used.

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