Weekly Friday's Fun Gadgets by Gadgetz1

Weekly Friday's Fun Gadgets by Gadgetz1

We present you Fun Gadgets on Fridays!!

We've compiled a list of the top three items that will make your day and holiday memorable. So stay tuned for more details. If you want to raise your spirits this weekend, Do online shopping.

Z1 Car Pal

Do you frequently eat lunch in the car? Can't find a spot to eat? Tired of food scraps and crumbs all over the place? We've all been in that situation. Stop putting your burger and fries on your lap and start dining comfortably in your car with our car food trays for eating while safely parked. There is also a flexible silicone smartphone holder that is compatible with phones with a 0.39-inch thickness. It's ideal for watching a movie while eating.

Our 8.26in diameter car eating tray attaches to the car cup holder, front seat, and back seat. Making additional room for food, drinks, and snacks. Phones, wallets, cards, and other valuables can be placed on the food tray for the automobile.

Make everything at your fingertips neat and well-organized. Items on the cup holder tray will not move when using a non-slip rubber mat. The non-stick mat is oilproof and waterproof, allowing food leftovers to be easily wiped.

With 360° swivel capabilities and a 180° rotating jointed arm, our automobile tray table allows you to modify the height and angle to the most comfortable and convenient height and angle. After you've found the optimal location, spin and tighten the upper and lower nuts to secure the car table tray holder. The support rod's maximum bearing capacity is 3.3lb (1.5kg). It's also an excellent alternative for a passenger seat tray.

The cup holder tray's flexible base expands from 2.5" to 4". The silicone pads on the expansion pieces keep your items from shifting or generating noise. We also provide three extra silicone gaskets to fill the tray for the automobile base, allowing you to adjust to different vehicles with a stronger grip, tighter fit, and better fit. Installing the automobile food holding tray only takes a few seconds. Before using, make sure the base is securely attached to the cup holder.

Gel Bicycle Saddle

High-Quality Material: The surface of the SGODDE bicycle seat cushion is non-slip wear-resistant texture PU leather, with a high-density artificial Fatty Gel within. Long-lasting, comfortable, well-elasticated, and extremely soft, better protect the buttocks!

Breathable Hollow Design: Increases air permeability.

Streamlined Design: With a small front design, there is less pressure, shock absorption, and anti-friction.

Dual Spring Suspension Design: Good elasticity, hardness, endurance, flexibility, and ability to deal with rocky terrain, better protect your hips.

Reflective band design: increased safety while driving at night

Hover Soccerball Rechargable

The floating soccer ball has a large strong built-in motor to power the fan and considerably slow down the aging process. The hovering distance disc is longer, and the quality is more consistent. You may kick it as if it were a real soccer ball, not a toy! You can convert any floor into an air hockey/soccer surface, including wood, linoleum, polished concrete, and low-pile carpet.

You can avoid continually inserting single-use batteries. There are no AA batteries required. It is more environmentally friendly and convenient.

Convert any indoor space into the ultimate hover soccer field and enjoy hours of fun! It's similar to constructing a soccer pitch at home. Your children can enjoy it as if it were a genuine soccer game with their buddies.

As always, our hover soccer ball sets are made of high-quality, non-toxic materials. First, be certain that it is not harmful to children. Second, it has an extremely soft foam bumper that protects your furniture and walls from bumps, bangs, scratches, or marks while also providing good bounce for hours of entertainment.

Whatever the occasion, the hover soccer ball set is the ideal present. Whether it's for a party, an event, a birthday, a family gathering, a sleepover, or any other fun occasion, your new hovering soccer ball set is the ideal gift and party starter!

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