Magnetic Window Cleaner

Magnetic Window Cleaner

Do you need to clean your windows
but its too much of a hassle? 
Are they outside and too hard to get to?

If so...
you need our Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner, a proven technology.

Description :

  • Double-sided
  • Magnetic Window Cleaner
  • Labor-saving
  • Triangular Design 
  • Anti-falling
  • Window Glass Cleaning Brush

Features :

  • More efficient double-sided magnetic glass cleaning too
  • More labor-saving triangular design 
  • Super quality materials 
  • Strong permanent magnet
  • Anti falling rope 2 meters to keep it secure and not lose it
  • High strength Absorbent Sponge
  • Triangle-Shape design reduces drag

Suitable for 10 to 20 mm Single Layer Glass at the same time!

You will never clean a window the same way again!

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